The next match

As of January 13, 2019:

The January match has been cancelled.

Weather forecast is for the high temperature to be below freezing and range is too wet.

See you in February (weather permitting)

General Notes:

     Any legal handgun (.22 to .45) is acceptable. 

     Round count for the match is minimum of 50 rounds.  You can shoot as many rounds as you want.

     Most stages require at least one reload (and sometimes two) on the clock so extra magazines or     speed-loaders are a must. Two reloads = 3 magazines,

      While holsters are the preferred (the club has some loaners) method for securing firearms, bags are      acceptable. Note-the drawing of loaded firearms while "on the clock" is not permitted.

    The entry fee is waived for first time match shooters.

     .22 ($3.00/box) and 9mm ($10.00/box) ammunition is available for purchase at the range.

     .22 and 9mm semi-automatic pistols are available for rent ($10.00) at the range.

Shoot 'N Scoot Match - December 2018

Stage 1


Stage 2


Stage 3


Stage 4


The weather was ideal for both days.

Stages 2 and 3 were a little more challenging to shoot than they appeared on paper. One of the no-threats on 2 took a few hits and stage 3 had more misses than usual.

Jim captured some good video which will be eventually be posted on the video page.