The next match

As of December 9, 2018:

The weather forecast is looking promising for reasonably good shooting weather.

Today's plan is to use the West range.  There is a conflict with deer hunters on the Cowboy range.

Should Mother Nature frown on us (too wet or too cold, etc.) we will move to the clubhouse and shoot the match on the SmokeLess simulator.

The round count for the match is 50 rounds. One stage has 18 rounds and 2 reloads. If you don't have 3 magazines for the stage you can rent a 9mm from the club.

General Notes:

     Any legal handgun is acceptable. 

     Round count for the match is minimum of 50 rounds. 

     Most stages require at least one reload on the clock so extra magazines or speed-loaders are a must.      While holsters are the preferred (the club has some loaners) method for securing firearms, bags are      acceptable. Note-the drawing of firearms while "on the clock" is not permitted.

    The same match is shot on both days. 

    The entry fee covers either or both days.

    The entry fee is waived for first time match shooters.

Shoot 'N Scoot Match - November 2018

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Saturday started off nice. The cold front came in about stage 3 but the shooters didn't seem to mind. 

The match went well with only a couple of interruptions when Mike had to chase calves out of the impact area.

Jim wasn't able to take any video this time but maybe he will get some of the December match.