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July Match Status As of June 17, 2019:

The July match venue is the Cowboy Range.

General Notes:

     Any legal handgun (.22 to .45) is acceptable. 

     Round count for the match is minimum of 50 rounds.  You can shoot as many rounds as you want.

     A typical stage is 8 to 12 rounds with an occasional 18 round stage.

     Most stages require at least one reload (and sometimes two) on the clock so extra magazines or speed-loaders are a must. Two reloads = 3 magazines,

      While holsters are the preferred (the club has some loaners) method for securing firearms, bags are acceptable. Note-the drawing of loaded firearms while "on the clock" is not permitted.

Optional Pre-Match drills will start 30 minutes before the regular match for interested registered shooters. These drills will be supervised by range officers and will require additional ammunition.

    The entry fee is waived for first time match shooters.

     .22 ($3.00/box) and 9mm ($10.00/box) ammunition is available for purchase at the range.

     .22 and 9mm semi-automatic pistols are available for rent ($10.00) at the range.


Seven shooters took advantage of the great shooting conditions at the West Range. The temperature was nice, the sky was sunny and  there was enough breeze to require staking the targets.  

Congratulations to Jimilea on earning the Top Gun slot. Jim had recovered enough from his recent shoulder surgery to shoot again after a four month "vacation". 

Nobody shot a no-threat and there was only one miss on the shotgun popper.

The pre-match warmup drills were non-timed three shot sequences fired at three, five and seven yards with the emphasis on precision.  

June 2019 Match

Check out this great 18 minute video starring the shooters at the match.