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4200 County Road 100, Tonkawa OK 74653
Dough Creek

Welcome to the Dough Creek Shooting Club - It's A Nice Day for Shooting!

Shoot 'N Scoot Match - July 2018

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Saturday was rather on the warm side,  sunny with a slight breeze.

Jordan joined in the fun and games for his first time.  (and won the match)

Congratulations to Jordan and Jim Sm for shooting clean matches.

Sunday was hot and muggy. The Sunday match was held in the air-conditioned comfort of the clubhouse on the laser simulator range.  We were having too much fun "shooting" to bother with keeping score. Maybe next time.

The "After Match" session lasted for a couple of hours with everybody exploring some of the simulator capabilities. The results of the Dueling Tree were rather entertaining, to say the least.

Jim says "Thank You" to everyone for helping with teardown after Saturday's shoot.