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Dough Creek

Welcome to the Dough Creek Shooting Club - It's A Nice Day for Shooting!

Shoot 'N Scoot Match - June 2018

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

The weather Saturday was warm and sunny and a little breezy.

Jim G joined in the fun and games for his first time. 

The weather Sunday much like Saturday. 

Two new shooters, Willis and Chen turned in some pretty nice scores.

Congratulation to Jim Sm on a clean match.

And it was nice Steve and Becky could join in the festivities.

Saturday night was our first night shoot. (and it was dark!)

Jim presented a class about flashlights, the various types, why they always be carried and various techniques for use.

The stage was simple: two shots at each of three targets, reload and one shot on each target.

Everyone shot the stage without benefit of any aid and then shot the stage using a flashlight.

I do believe the night was an eye-opener for everyone, especially me (Jim Sm).

Saturday Lorena did some nice shooting with her wheel gun and Sunday Steve showed us how to handle  a wheel gun with  a cane in one hand. Impressive to say the least.

Jim says "Thank You" to everyone for helping with teardown after Sunday's shoot.